A Partner All The Way Through

Whether a 1st-time Producer looking for guidance or an experienced Producer looking to share the workload, Fusion TV's services are here to help.

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Looking for help with your script? We can do that. Need some assistance budgeting? We do that too. Whether its casting, equipment rental, or filling a crew, we've got the expertise you need.

Writing / Permits / Insurance
Casting / Crew Hiring
Scheduling / Budgeting

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From interviews to far flung location shoots, Fusion TV has the people, expertise, and experience to deliver the highest quality production values possible.

4K HDR Production
World Wide Locations
Specialized and Scalable Expertise

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Whether your program is destined for streaming, web, broadcast, or theatrical release, Fusion TV’s post-production professionals and facilities will get you across the finish line.

Editing / Sound
4K HDR Post Production
Mastering / Archive